Price Policy

Ücret PolitikamızKaranfil Translation Agency offers the most suitable prices possible without comprimising from its quality

Quotation of Written Translations

 1.000 character(w/o space) x Unit Price*

(* The unit price differs according to the target language)


  • First, character count (w/o space) of each document received from the Client is made,
  • The number obtained is then multiplied with the unit price of the target language to calculate the total price,

Other factors considered in Pricing are;

  • Content and,
  • Delivery Period

Quotation of Oral (Consecutive/Simultaneous) Translations


  • Pricing in oral translations are calculated per day,
  • Our prices are offered as interpreter/day and they differ according to language and if the interpretation will be consecutive or simultaneous,
  • Regarding simultaneous interpretation services, the necessary equipment and set-up services are offered on demand, and the pricing of this service is calculated as extra on project basis.


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