Oral/ Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretations

Sözlü, Simultane ,Ardıl Tercüme

Translation is a bridge for communication where there is a transition between languages in any field. Karanfil Tercüme has been providing oral interpertretation services in regards with its Clients’ needs since the day it was established by its professional interpreters who are experts in their field and honored to be one of the keystones in the foundation of its sector.


 Simultaneous Interpretation

 Simultaneous Interpretation which is the realtime state of oral translation; is the process of translating the speaker’s speach to the audience precisely and word by word into the target language as quickly as possible while the speaker is still speaking in the source language by a professional translator who is an expert in both languages.

Consecutive Interpretation

 We also provide consecutive oral translations generally for bilateral negotiations and/or desk-bound meetings.

This type of interpretation requires not only a good knowledge of both languages but also high communication skills. Karanfil Tercume has developed itself in this area with its years of experience. In this sense, we not only work with professionals in their field but also with professionals who developed themselves pronunciation and fluency wise in order not to compromise from our quality and our continuity.

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