Our Operational Procedures

Çalışma Prosedürümüz

  1. Documents to be translated can be delivered either online (via e-mail, whatsapp) or can be hand delivered.
  2. After the documents are received, the content is analyzed concurrently with character count.
  3. According to the character count, the price is calculated, and the Client is informed regarding the total price and delivery period.
  4. Upon the approval of the Client, the translation process starts.
  5. After completion of the translation and before delivering the project to the Client, the necessary proofreading and editing both grammar and numeric data vise are done.
  6. Following the completion of the editing and proofreading step, the project is delivered to the Client.
  7. In case of a feedback received from the Client after delivery, the necessary editing is handled in a very short period of time.
  8. The project is delivered to its owner as requested and on time.

Note: You can send your documents in any format (WORD, PDF, PowerPoint, Excel, JPEG, print out and etc.) and they can be delivered on your side in any format you would like. Technical documents, diagrams, brochures are delivered in their original format. Your projects are kept in our records for five years and are confidential. They can be shared only with their owner on demand.

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