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Arabic Translation Albanian Translation Azerbaijani Translation Armenian Translation Amharic Translation Bosnian Translation Bulgarian Translation Chineese Translation Czech Translation Croatian Translation Danish Translation Dutch Translation English Translation French Translation Finnish Translation Greek Translation Georgian Translation German Translation Hebrew Translation Hungarian Translation Italian Translation Indian Translation Indonesian Translation Japanese Translation Kazakh Translation Kirgiz Translation Korean Translation Kurdish Read more about Languages[…]

Katalog - Kitap Tercüme

Catalog & Book Translations

This service includes translations of commercial and technical User’s Manuals, Catalog and brochures provided by Karanfil Tercume’s professional translator team who are experts in their fields.   Your books and literary tranlations are handled diligently by our leading expert team and translated to the target language by using authentic translation. The original translation can be Read more about Catalog & Book Translations[…]

Ticari Tercüme

Commercial Translation

Your contracts, banking and financial documents, business proposals, international commitments, tenders, feasibility reports, researches, minutes of meeting, and similar documents are translated by our professional translators who are experts in their field. The original signed document can be delivered according to your demand either by courier service or online with the warranty of Karanfil Tercüme.

Yeminli Tercüme

Certified Translation

It is the procedure when the project is translated by a certified translator and approved by the notary. It is a service which requires legal liability regarding the translation of documents like Contracts, Patent Documents, Tender Documents, Banking And Finance Reports, Passport, Identification Cards, Transcripts, Quality Certificates, EIA Reports, Research Reports, Capacity Reports being translated Read more about Certified Translation[…]

Akademik Tercüme

Academic Translations

Your academic projects are translated to the target language fully by our professional translators who are experts in their field. These translations include postgraduate dissertations in all fields, projects, presentations, academic researches and etc. They require specific expertise in the related field in addition to the translator’s speciality and experience.       

Sözlü, Simultane ,Ardıl Tercüme

Oral/ Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretations

Translation is a bridge for communication where there is a transition between languages in any field. Karanfil Tercüme has been providing oral interpertretation services in regards with its Clients’ needs since the day it was established by its professional interpreters who are experts in their field and honored to be one of the keystones in Read more about Oral/ Simultaneous & Consecutive Interpretations[…]

Medikal Tercüme

Medical Translations

Your projects in all fields of medicine such as internal diseases, dentistry, pulmonary medicine, anaesthesia, biostatistics, cardiology, diagnostic endoscopy, traumatology, public health toxicology, pathology, clinical study and trial reports, researches and articles, advertisements, brochures, expert reports and patient information of medical and pharmaceutical institutions, clinical experiments related to  pharmacology, biochemical researches, articles, medical product licenses Read more about Medical Translations[…]

Teknik Tercüme

Technical Translation

 It includes the translation of  service and user manuals of all types of electronic devices, ground, sea, aviation vehicles, lifting and transmittancy appliances, construction, textile machinery, machining, metal forming machinery, engines, and appliances, installation of electronic devices, and factory machinery and etc. Your technical translation projects are translated by experts with higher education in their Read more about Technical Translation[…]

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